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Power Supplies

Built for HAM Radio, CB Radio, HF Radio, Shortwave Radio or a Linear Amplier

Also Great for LED Lighting

Beige Bindy Alexander StretchBlack Stretch Athena and as an RV Battery Charger

100 Amp 200 Amp 400 Amp or more

30 Amp 36 Amp and 50 Amp too


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Now all Power Supplies come with Double Ball Bearing 60,000 hour dust proof Cooling Fans


30 amps 33 amp peak

15.5 VDC

Beige Stretch Athena StretchBlack Alexander Bindy Adjustable Voltage on this unit is 9.5 to 15.5 VDC

Input 120/240 VAC



36 amps 41 amp peak

15.5 VDC

Actual voltage adjustment on this unit is 9.5 to 15.5 VDC

Input 120/240 VAC



50 amps continuous at 14 volts

Will run in parallel with as many units as you need for 100 amps or more.

Adjustable voltage 10-14 VDC Output 690 Watts

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Four S-700-12s Running at 200 Amps 14 Volts

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S-700-12: 100 Amps 200 Amps 400 Amps or more read here:

50 Amps Continuous at 10-14 Volts Heavy Duty DC Power Supply. Adjustable Voltage From 10 to 14 Volts DC Output 690 Watts. Great for 13.8 volt equipment, all MegaWatt Power Supplies are highly filtered and regulated.

The S-700-12 is modular. It will run In Parallel with other S-700-12s to produce any amperage you want. Two S-700-12s produce 100 amps continuous. You can run as many S-700-12s as you like for 100 amps 200 amps 300 amps or more.

Every time you add one it increases the output by 50 amps.

All our fans run full time to stop heat cycling which is the main cause of power supply circuit board failure. The S-350-12 and S-400-12 fan is a 10 db fan at 3 ft. The S-700-12 is a 30 db fan. See videos for an example. All power supplies come with a grounded 110 volt power cord.



Bindy Beige Athena Stretch StretchBlack Alexander Bindy Athena Stretch Beige StretchBlack Alexander S-700-12

Output S-700-12

These Power Supplies also have many other uses. The S-350-12 and S-400-12 work great as onboard battery chargers for RVs with one standard battery also cars and trucks. Keep your car battery fully charged and operate all your 12 volt equipment while parked. They will charge a low battery at full capacity and slowly ramp down the charge amperage to a 2 amp trickle charge as needed. Great for cars that are rarely driven.

They can be used to power LED lighting systems, RC Car, Airplane and Helicopter Mobile Battery Chargers in the house. They are widely used as LED Driver Power Supplies, Servo Control Power Supplies for CNC and Robotics or just prototyping and projects requiring 9.5 to 15.5 VDC power.

Bindy Alexander Stretch Beige StretchBlack Athena Both S-350-12 and S-400-12 power supply dimensions are 8 1/2in long X 4 5/8in wide X 2in tall and weighs 3 pounds.

The S-700-12 is 9.5in long X 5in wide X 2.75in tall and weighs 7 pounds.

 All power supplies come with a grounded 120 volt power cord and instructions.

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How to check out using PayPal with or without a PayPal account or get a shipping quote. Paypal is all HTTPS protected. 

1. Click the buy now button under the power supply picture, it may take a few seconds for PayPal the load.
Beige Bindy Stretch Athena Alexander StretchBlack 2. Enter how many power supplies you wish to purchase and press continue.
3. If you don't have a PayPal account and don't want to get one please click the "pay with debit or credit card button"
Report GreyTan Report Dani Dani GreyTan Dani Report GreyTan Report pOnrpgC4. Enter the appropriate information and click pay now.

For a shipping quote skip step four, pick your state or your country in the address field. Click the arrow by shipping method. This will give you the shipping price without actually making a purchase.

 $8.00 shipping to the USA

for the S-350-12 or the S-400-12

$15.00 for the S-700-12

IIf you are purchasing large quantities check with us for a shipping quote. 

Alexander Athena Bindy Beige StretchBlack Stretch  
To check shipping costs to other countries click the buy button and enter your country.

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S-350-12 30 AMP 33 Amp Peak

Talia SandTan SandTan Talia Dingo Dingo SandTan Talia Dingo SandTan Dingo Talia HTBxaw

9.5 to 15.5 Volts DC

UPC 683405633754


S-400-12 36 Amp 41 Amp Peak 9.5 to 15.5 Volts DC

UPC 685256290230


S-700-12 50 Amps Continuous Adjustable Voltage 10 - 14 VDC

UPC 703510623126


Athena Alexander Bindy StretchBlack Beige Stretch

MegaWatt vs Clone Test Video

Four MegaWatts 200 Amp Test Video

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Beige Athena StretchBlack Alexander Bindy Stretch
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MegaWatt Power Supplies

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We also have the:

33 Amp and 36 Amp Heavy Duty Power Supplies. - Adjustable 9.5 to over 15.5 Volts DC Output. Great for 13.8 Volt Equipment. Full Output is 15.5 Volts Not Just 12 Volts.

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